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ADHD & Life Management Coaching
with Diane Thomson, MS CAPC, PCC


Thomson Blueprints for Living has undergone a change.

I, Diane Thomson, have shifted to full time ADHD/Executive Function and Life Management Coaching. In other words, I work with students and adults to help them better manage their lives by addressing their ADHD/Executive Function challenges.


Since I started my coach training in 2012, it had been my intention to eventually discontinue my work as a Professional Organizer and make this shift to full time coaching. The Covid pandemic just expedited that shift for me.


Therefore, a new website reflecting my current services will be unveiled soon. For now, I can say that…

My mission is to help adults and students gain insight into the impact of ADHD on their lives, explore opportunities for change, and assist in developing structures and routines to stay on track. This is done using reflection, insight, motivation, and action. Imagine feeling successful at doing what you know and want to do and at the right time! 

In coaching, the client's job is to be curious, willing to experiment and be open to the learning process. 


I welcome you to schedule a Coaching Discovery Session  through the Calendar tab. When you do, please complete the Contact form as well. It is helpful to know your coaching needs before we meet. 

Thank you,
Diane Thomson

Organizing for Life

Thomson Blueprints for Living helps create order for individuals and families in their homes, offices and daily lives. Homes are clutter free and family members are engaged in the preservation of order. There is room to think clearly, know what needs to be done and take timely action. Not only feel a sense of accomplishment, but also have time to relax, breath, create and enjoy being with the ones you love.


In addition, we can help student’s lives by teaching them organizational skills, and introducing systems and routines that reinforce their academic success. Homework gets done and turned in on time. Students feel in control and parents relax.

Home organizing

Coaching for Change

Home orgainzing

In the context of organizing, coaching can create clarity and determine solutions by addressing the roots of disorganization and enlisting the power of change as part of the organizing process.


Like an iceberg, when dealing with - clutter, disorganization, time management problems, an inability to complete tasks - we only see the tip of the entire situation, while many of the obstacles remain beneath the surface. Together we identify those obstacles, create strategies and actions that create long lasting change. 

Education & Support Groups

Through workshops and presentations, participants are introduced to organizing principals that inform them how to better manage time, papers, tasks and clutter. Specific presentations on student disorganization, chronic disorganization, ADHD and hoarding provide education on the role they play in the struggle to be organized and productive. 


Clutter Clearing Support Groups provide a safe and supportive environment to share struggles of letting go, get unstuck and create a home to be proud of.

"Enlightenment is an accident; practice makes you accident prone."

       -Zen Master Baker Roshi

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