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Diane Thomson in her backyard


ADHD, Executive Function & Life Management Coaching

Helping you create a blueprint for living with E.A.S.E.

Cultivate EASE

Explore what is meaningful, important, possible

Coaching Services

ADHD/Executive Function Coaching

Put your best intentions into action, be who you aspire to be.

Student Life Coaching 

Develop skills and strategies for school success. Create productive habits for life.

(High School and College students only)

Life Management

Tackle the big rocks, the important; not just the urgent.  Do what needs to be done.  

Parent Group Coaching 

Discover how to support your child with ADHD succeed and feel confident in life.

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Diane has been an excellent life coach.  She’s offered a critical ear that’s helped me hone in on the values most important to me and helped me develop a plan to meet those values.  As a neurodivergent person, I never felt she was trying to substitute her way of doing things for mine, and her patience helped me develop an effective system for staying organized and motivated that seemed natural to me.  She’s helped me develop the confidence to know that I can overcome challenges that often seem insurmountable at first.

Adam -Stay at home dad transitioning back to a career

Do you want to create a future of possibilities and potential?

Would you like to feel satisfaction at the end of your day?

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