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Parent Playbook Group Coaching Program 

Are you navigating the challenging journey of parenting a teen with ADHD? 

You are not alone!

Understanding the unique struggles and triumphs that come with this journey, I am excited to introduce an ADHD Parent Playbook Group Coaching Program. I have developed this program in collaboration with my colleague and friend Deirdre Smith, another ADHD Coach experienced working with teens and families.


As co-leaders of this program, we are dedicated to helping parents like you gain a deep understanding of ADHD and its impact on family life.

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Our program consists of 6 virtual sessions:

Week 1- Understanding the impact of ADHD on your teen

Learn how ADHD influences your teen’s behavior, learning and emotions.

Week 2 - Parenting as a Coach

Develop tools to embrace the 'Parent as a Coach' role, facilitating communication and understanding.

Week 3 - Systems, Routines & Habits

Build strategies for implementing practical systems and routines that foster success and minimize ADHD-related challenges.

Week 4 & 5 - Progressive Independence

Learn to foster your teen's ability to better manage themselves, gain a sense of competence and develop independence and self-advocacy skills.

Week 6 - Creating Your Own Parent Playbook

        Review and establish you own playbook

In addition, you will experience the power of small group coaching.

  • Engage with other parents in similar situations, creating a supportive and understanding community.

  • The focused attention of a small group setting allows for more personalized support.

  • Gain insights and strategies from a variety of experiences and viewpoints, enriching your own parenting journey.

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Session Dates:
To Be Determined 

All sessions are 
via Zoom


New Group Forming for Fall 2024

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