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ADHD and Executive Function Coaching

Make things happen in your life

Coaching taps into human potential, grounded in the belief that awareness and action drive change and growth. Its power lies in the collaborative partnership forged between coach and client.

With ADHD Coaching the coach and client partner in explorations about the impact of ADHD, related executive function challenges and beliefs about oneself and one's abilities. 


Using curiosity, observations and reflections, coach and client endeavor to clarify values and vision, identify strengths, consider new perspectives, and design new actions to try new behaviors. 

The path to better managing your time, getting things done, calming overwhelm, setting priorities, maintaining focus and attention is not a straight path, nor is it necessarily a consistent one. Change is a process and takes time.

You will discover that the answers are not in finding the right app, tip or trick, but are within yourself, once you learn to trust in what feels right for you. Call it instinct, intuition or felt sense, but that is where your answers lie. The coach, as a non judgemental partner providing supportive accountability, helps to empower such change. 

The Executive Functions and ADHD Education

It can be very discouraging to know what you want to do (or should do) but can’t figure out how to do it. You just can’t put your finger on what is missing. 

Education about the role of Executive Functions (EF) and how that part of your brain is affected by ADHD is an important part of the coaching process. I will describe the role of the various executive functions and how glitchy brain chemistry gets in the way. With that understanding, we will explore ways to access your Executive Functions, so they can assist you in showing up as your better self.

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