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Life Management Coaching

Life is full of competing responsibilities, expectations and demands

 It can be difficult to sort out what to do when, what is priority and whose needs are more important. 

Without a meaningful plan, tasks and self-care can be forgotten or put off for a later day; but still linger, festering in “I should have done that” or “I still haven’t done…” thinking.  Responsibilities or self-care that doesn’t get acted on, can result in a chaotic family life, poor health, financial instability, cluttered unkempt home, forgotten appointments and missed opportunities. 

Due to challenges with Executive Functioning, this can be a common ADHD experience, but in our modern age of opportunity and distractions, non-ADHDers also struggle to maintain mastery over the demands of daily life. 




Life Management Coaching

In Life Management Coaching we explore what is desired, important and possible, while helping to create a blueprint to guide your efforts. This may include strategies to establish habits out of individualized systems and routines, get started and track progress, engage support and/or get the family involved. We align expectations for the right fit, and reinforce competence with flexibility and resiliency. 

Can you imagine…

  • Learning a way to keep track of your tasks and realistically plan out completing them, without rushing against a deadline and leaving other tasks undone or ignored?

  • Being better prepared?

  • Improving communication with others?

  • Making decisions that result in taking better care of yourself and your family?

  • Opening up the mental space and time to seize new opportunities responsibly?

  • Closing that gap between good intentions and taking action?

  • Being able to confidently shift when unplanned events upend your day?


Areas of focus for Life Management Coaching may include (not limited to):

  • Planning & Prioritizing

  • Home Organization

  • Daily Family Life Management

  • Health and Wellness Planning

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