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Student Life Coaching

Worried about your child’s future?

I get that. 

It is worrisome when we see our children doing poorly in school or not managing their daily lives, without what seems like constant prodding. 

Children diagnosed with ADHD or Executive Function challenges have difficulty meeting the expectations of being a good student. They also may demonstrate a lack of maturity for their age. By virtue of their inattentiveness, difficulty focusing, undeveloped planning skills, procrastination, poor working memory and emotional ups and downs, they find school and other responsibilities challenging and often unpleasant. They want to do well, but just don’t know how to. 

pencil with arrows attached

Change is possible


Using curiosity and supportive accountability, coaching students involves: 

  • Education on the challenges of ADHD/Executive Dysfunctions and designing individualized strategies to master them

  • Learning planning and organizational skills to manage responsibilities and time 

  • Building self-monitoring skills, positive habits and self-care routines

  • Learning self-advocacy

In addition to working with the student, caregivers are asked to participate in coaching sessions with and/or without their child. Caregivers, inexperienced with the challenges of ADHD, may respond to unmet expectations with frustration, reprimands and consequences. Therefore, together we explore supportive ways to reinforce a child’s growth, independence and resiliency. 

Change takes time, thus Student Life Coaching is a commitment of a minimum of 3 to 6 months. The student needs time to feel comfortable with the coaching process, reflect on their particular challenges, learn and practice new behaviors and mature - all necessary for the change to take hold into adulthood. 

I currently work with high school and college age students only. To get started, schedule a Coaching Discovery Session for both you and your student to attend. Hearing from each will help clarify how coaching can help. 

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