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Organizing your home may be the most important renovation you ever do, and for such a renovation, you shouldn't try it yourself—you need to hire the Space Whisperer. That's Diane Thomson. My wife and two children and I live in a small house, and three years after moving in, our chaos had started to make it feel cluttered and difficult to use and navigate. The basement was horrific, and a couple of upstairs rooms were cluttered beyond the point of our knowing where some things were hidden. But it only took a quick assessment for Diane to show us our house in a new light...


...the results speak for themselves. Our basement is now navigable and usable—things are exactly where they're supposed to be and take moments to find. My filing cabinet is no longer stuffed with extraneous documents. I used to think I needed to buy a second filing cabinet—now I realize I have enough room to store office supplies in it. (Among their core strengths are an understanding all areas of organizing wisdom, like how long to hang onto anything: insurance documents, cardboard boxes, framed artwork, peanut oil.)


We're amazed to have so much more space to use - it's like discovering an extra room in the house we'd never noticed. I can't recommend Diane and Katie highly enough. Don't put off your home's therapy sessions any longer. Let them put your home on the couch.



Diane Thomson helped me with some systems when my kids started school and I was completely overwhelmed by school papers, artwork etc. She made some very simple suggestions and put some systems in place for us that I still use five years later. The thing that is amazing about Diane is that she has a therapy background and really wants to empower her clients to be able to stay organized once she backs away from your life.


I've been meaning to get in touch with you, to tell you that I thought your presentation last Thursday at the Maplewood Library was WONDERFUL - fascinating, informative, well delivered!


I have been trying to organize my life for the last 20 years.  I am not kidding.  In the last 2 months, Diane has helped me start to tackle my house and my life.  I am actually getting the strategies to accomplish what I have only dreamed about. 


My initial advice is to call Diane IMMEDIATELY and sign her up.  She gets very booked, as I've learned from experience.  We've been working with Diane for a while now in many different areas, so we are good ones to speak to about her work.  Long story short, she has really made a huge, positive difference in the quality of our daily lives.  Below are some of what she has done for/with us:


De-clutter:  She's helped us get rid of practically truckloads of stuff, including mountains of papers and other clutter.  And when I say "helped us get rid of", I mean she helped us get old papers shredded (even sending reminder emails "the shredder truck will be in town from 8-2pm this Saturday"), and get things up and OUT of the house.  One thing I love about her is that she's the queen of the follow-through, which has rubbed off on us all.  Also she helped us put together a very successful yard sale (with the promise on our part that nothing was allowed to re-enter the house).  She helped us get rid of TONS of old books, following through with someone who actually picked them up.  My examples here are endless.

Established organizational systems:  We did not have good systems in place for our daily lives (and the side businesses and non-profits we have as well).  She helped set up those systems in an easy-to-follow way and helped us to understand all the hows and whys.  We were so clueless we didn't even know what to ask her for, so she gently yet firmly suggested a system that works when we work it.


She's our Conscience:  She is the little angel on my shoulder (or on email usually) that reminds me to book the next appointment, follow the system, do the list of things I agreed to at our last meeting, etc.  Once again, it's one of the reasons she is follow through queen!  Her midweek prompts and encouragement are SO helpful!


Our sixth grader:  She helped set him up for success this year as he entered middle school.  I was so impressed I arranged an appointment with the new principal and her to discuss offering organizational classes for teachers and students.  He's very impressed and is excited to work with her.


Patience:  NOTHING rattles her.  No matter if we've done nothing we promised the week before, she gently nudges us back on task and figures out a way we can finish.


Insurance and money/investment stuff:  She got us organized AND taught us how our new health insurance policy works.  The refunds we've received from over payments, etc. were enough to cover a session or two.  It's hard to believe how disorganized we were in this area, scary really. 

SO, as you can see we are big fans.  There's much more to mention (such as having a watch dealer come over and buy an antique watch we found), helping me find a gardener, but I think you get the picture.



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