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five star testimonials



I am tremendously grateful that a trusted colleague referred me to Thomson Blueprints for Living. My coaching sessions with Diane have provided me with a sense of calm where there was previously only paralyzing overwhelm, and after feeling adrift for far too long, they helped me find the clarity to take action on the most important aspects of my professional and personal life. 

Mollie - Solo entrepreneur and nonprofit leader


After my daughter was born, I faced more demands on my time and attention than ever before. The strategies I'd previously used to manage my schedule, keep track of tasks and goals, and motivate myself fell short, and my ADD was affecting my work life, my marriage, and my ability to be present for my daughter. Working with Diane has helped me to feel more in control, more present, and more satisfied, both at work and at home. From our first conversation, Diane was empathetic, curious, and flexible. She never failed to communicate clearly and to provide an accepting, understanding, and encouraging environment for our work together. Diane shared her deep understanding and intuition for the core issues at play in ADD, and helped me to turn that big-picture awareness into concrete, practical actions that make sense for my life.  Going beyond my previous coaching experiences, her coaching has helped me to develop a detailed understanding of the ways *my* ADD shows up. I've been able to set more realistic expectations for myself, and to let go of past failures. I've clarified my values and needs, and developed the skills needed to clearly communicate them. And I've created planning, prioritizing, and decision-making techniques that are flexible, intuitive, and adaptive - in short, that work for *my* brain.  

Ben - Scientist and father


My daughter began working with Diane the summer before her first semester of college.  Diane has been invaluable in helping my daughter transition to college and manage her ADHD issues related to the demands of university work and life.  My daughter absolutely loves Diane and the skilled and caring help that Diane provides on a weekly basis.  She now recognizes the challenges that her ADHD presents and is learning how to manage her time, tasks, and impulses.  I can’t recommend Diane highly enough!  I am a teacher and only wish that all of my students could enjoy the benefits of working with Diane.  I feel so happy to be able to give the gift of Diane’s presence in my daughter’s life and look forward to witnessing my daughter’s successes as a result of this work!

Michelle - Adjusting to her 1st child off to college


I bought a package of sessions with Diane over the summer.  I was freaking out about what school would look like for my kids because of COVID and whether I would end up being a home-schooling parent.  I was stuck in overwhelm.  I needed help with time management, setting boundaries in my family and prioritizing and getting myself organized.  Diane was a cool and calm presence which was a remedy for my overwhelm.  She helped me get clear on what was REALLY bothering me and helped me come up with solutions to address these things.  She also helped me recognize where I was being unfairly hard on myself and helped me to take a softer, kinder approach to how I was thinking about/treating myself.  She was a pleasure to work with.

Nell - Mother of 2 active boys


Diane is a wonderful coach. She is kind, very understanding and takes her time to learn  what the needs of her clients are. She created a clear plan for the session, kept me focussed and helped me accomplish the goals that I had set for myself. I would highly recommend her.

Eliane - Psychotherapist


We hired Diane to help our 9th grade daughter at the beginning of the school year as we started on the path of helping her cope with what we suspected was inattentive ADHD. Diane was able to teach her some specific skills and strategies for completing homework and getting herself unstuck when needed. She also worked with us to understand our role as parents in emotionally supporting our daughter instead of continually telling her what needed to be done. Diane has been a huge help to all of us!

Ronni - Active mom of two


Diane has helped me work on strategies to help myself when I get stuck. We have also worked together to come up with tools so that I can avoid getting stuck in the first place. Overall, Diane has helped me understand my brain more thoroughly, and has helped me help myself better.

Abby -  10th grade student


I loved working with Diane Thomson. She brings a deep well of expertise about the ADHD brain, tools, resources and much-needed compassion.  Her coaching sessions are educational and destigmatizing, always focused on action and change, as well as self acceptance. I value her insights and perspective immensely and recommend her wholeheartedly as a coach. 

Laura - Writer

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