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Why Coaching?

Coaching incorporates working with the human potential, into the organizing process. That is its value.

Clients do benefit from the results of on-hands organizing and strategizing, but many will still struggle to take the actions necessary for long lasting change. They have the best of intentions, but unable to turn those intentions into real actions.

Thomson Blueprints - Coaching

Coaching therefore, supports the implementation of changes required to maintain the new order, systems and routines. The coach helps clients to clarify one’s values and vision, establish focus, identify roadblocks and strengths, consider new perspectives, and try new behaviors.

We know that changing behaviors and acquiring new habits is not an easy, overnight process and support from a nonjudgmental partner can help to empower that change. Particularly, when brain based conditions such as, ADHD, Hoarding Disorder or depression, make such goals feel unattainable.

"What I have gotten most so far from working with you is realizing that I have a ‘normal’ that will work for me. I have been so ashamed of how my brain can do some things and not others for so long. Thanks for being adaptive and finding a way to support me, I am so glad I am working with you!"

          -Artist/Entrepreneur with ADHD

Tired of trying to get organized on your own, with little success?
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