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Time & Task Management

Life is full of responsibilities, expectations and demands. It can be difficult to sort out what to do when, what is priority and whose needs are more important. A trap you may fall into is doing that which is urgent or has a pending deadline, at the cost of not addressing other important tasks.  Wouldn't you like to be able to manage your time and tasks without the stress and chaos that urgency creates?

  • Imagine learning a way to keep track of your tasks and realistically plan out completing them, without rushing against a deadline and leaving other tasks undone or ignored.

  • Imagine being better prepared, improving communication with others, making decisions that result in taking better care of yourself and your family, opening up the space to seize new opportunities responsibly...

  • imagine feeling more empowered to have control over your day.

Thomson Blueprints - Organizing

Thomson Blueprints for Living will help you design a planning system – electronic or paper (or both) – that works for you and teach the behaviors to use it effectively and consistently.

Diane has helped me see my mess in a new way. I can now figure out how to approach a pile of things and make sense of it... I am more comfortable figuring out what I need to keep and what I can throw away... I know how to categorize and file...Basically, in a nutshell, I have acquired some of the skills that some people - those neat people who have clean counters - can naturally do. Diane is helpful and positive and worth every penny! Thanks!


Frequently running late?  Struggling to manage your to-do list?
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