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Student Workshops & Presentations   

Student Organization Skills Seminars 

This seminar focuses on organizational skills for middle school students. Helping middle school students be organized requires commitment from both students and parents. Therefore this workshop is for both student and parent to learn ways to manage the multitude of school materials and complete assignments on time, without undue stress.


Two seminar options are available:

  •  2 hour program in which both parent and student attend 

  •  2 part seminar in which parents first attend a 2 hour seminar and students attend a second 1.5 hour seminar. In this 2nd option, parents are given the theoretical basis behind disorganization.

Thomson Blueprints - Student Organization

What to Expect in Middle School: a 5th graders guide to staying organized


This seminar, for both parent & student, is designed to prepare the 5th grader for the demands and expectations of middle school, by arming them early with organizational strategies designed to help manage school materials and assignments without undue stress.


Organizational Skills for Parents of Elementary School Age Children


Parents, learn the building blocks of sound organizational strategies that can enhance your student’s academic performance, while at the same time enhance your family’s everyday living. Find out ways you can guide your youngsters with age appropriate ways to get off to school on time, manage their school materials and hand in their homework on time. Also, explore new routines or expectations that engage the whole family in daily habits which can enhance the well being of the household as a whole.

Student Organization Small Group Workshops

A series of 4 workshops with only 3-4 students  per class. Students are presented with the methods and skills necessary to becoming an organized student. This is for the student who can benefit from more direct hands on guidance and reinforcement of habits.

During the four 1 1/2 hour sessions the students learn:

  • To manage their school materials

  • Keep track of assignments

  • Plan time effectively

  • To integrate learning into regular routines

Parents will be given the opportunity to learn the skills from the students. School supplies may be recommended to purchase after the first session, depending upon each student’s needs.

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