Office Organization-A Must!
Turn your paper piles into files

Dread dealing with piles of papers and files that you try to organize, but never quite complete the task? Not sure what to file and what to toss? Then arm yourself with a strategy to get all those papers in the right place, learn new behaviors to keep it organized and create a working environment to keep track of your complicated family life with greater ease.

Thomson Blueprints - Organizing
Thomson Blueprints - Organizing
Parents Need Help Too!
A guide to running an organized home

Parents and families often have difficulty managing everyday life. Many feel overwhelmed or powerless over all there is to keep up with. Does this sound familiar? During this presentation, we discuss simple strategies you and your children can incorporate to overcome your "everyday life" challenges. Bring your questions about how to set up systems and routines to manage your busy schedules, piles of paper, and rein in the stuff.

Organizing for the Health of It

Getting organized and clearing your space of clutter helps to relieve stress, clear your mind of mental clutter, and does wonders for your spirit and physical well-being. In this workshop the impact of clutter and disorganization on one's health are explored and steps to make changes are addressed.

Thomson Blueprints - Organizing
Household Harmony:
The teamwork approach to organizing

This is a workshop for couples to establish a sense of fairness and teamwork in carrying out the multifaceted responsibilities of maintaining an organized household and family life. The goal is to establish a shared awareness of tasks and clarify ways to carry them out in a fair and agreed upon manner. Ways to ‘get the jobs done’ that accommodate individual personalities and different situations will be explored.

Taming Your Time:
Time Starved to Time Mastery

Managing time can feel like Sisyphus’s endless attempt to push a boulder up a hill. We try and try, but we never feel we master it. This is an opportunity to learn 10 steps to successfully do the right task at the right time in the most effective and efficient way possible…most of the time

Thomson Blueprints - Organizing
Thomson Blueprints - Organizing
Organizing for Seniors

“Senior-hood” brings with it many changes. It is a time for downsizing a lifetime of possessions, a time to redesign one’s environment to accommodate physical changes and figure out how to keep up with tasks that at one time were not so hard to do. It is also a time to make sure end of life planning is in place. In this presentation, these considerations are addressed, along with strategies to address them.

Emergency Preparedness:
Are you REALLY ready?

There is no time like the present to organize, prepare and plan for emergencies or potential disasters. Preparedness goes beyond smoke detectors and extra food in the pantry. Instead, “being ready” is defined as preparing your family's emergency plans, protecting your home, and organizing supply kits and important documents. Being adequately prepared recasts your role in a new light, enabling you to be your own "first responder".

Thomson Blueprints - Emergency Preparedness
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Living with ADHD:
Challenges & Solutions to Being Organized

ADHD is a neurobiological disorder that has a profound impact on a person's ability to focus, manage time, initiate and sustain action, and complete tasks. People who have this condition are often very intelligent but unable to live up to their potential. In this class you will learn how ADHD shows up, the brain challenges that underlie it, and what works to manage it. You too can experience productivity and order.

Clear Your Clutter:
Understanding the What, Why and How

We all become attached to possessions and for a variety of reasons. We think some things may be someday useful, we find them aesthetically pleasing, or they hold sentimental memories. It could also be we are afraid to let go. Eventually our lives become filled with possessions that burden us. Awareness and change is encouraged as Hoarding Disorder is defined and the complex behaviors of gathering and holding onto things are examined.

Thomson Blueprints - Organizing
Thomson Blueprints - Hoarding
Hoarding Disorder:
A Guide for Helpers, Family, Friends

Hoarding Disorder is a psychiatric condition in which individuals subject themselves and family members to cluttered, disorderly and unsafe living environments. Family members are met with a very challenging situation: they want a clean home and better life for their loved one, but must face the limitations of their interventions and the resistance to change on the part of the individual with hoarding disorder. DIANE THOMSON will describe the traits and behaviors of such individuals and offer support and guidance for family members or friends wishing to help. This class is not for the person with hoarding disorder.