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One on One Sessions

The student receives individual attention as concepts are introduced and integration of material is reinforced with each meeting. The average number of one hour sessions is 4 - 8, depending upon the student’s needs.


Meetings occur in student’s home. Parent or guardian must be present and will be asked to join sessions as helpful.

Thomson Blueprints - Student Support
Thomson Blueprints - Student Support

You and your child will learn…


  • how to utilize systems and routines to maintain school materials

  • ways to design a home study area

  • effective use of school planner

  • techniques for managing task and time

  • how to approach long-term assignments

  • habits that can be used for life

School supplies may be recommended to purchase after the first session, depending upon each student’s needs.

Diane came to work with my 16 year old son on paper and time management for school. We continue to marvel at her professionalism and expertise. She did an amazing job of learning from my son what his needs, strengths, and preferences were. She was able to offer him choices and show him options. She never overwhelmed him. She was methodical and thorough. She came equipped with ideas and options so that she could tailor solutions to his particular way of doing things. She involved me in the process while continuing to give my son the utmost respect for his growing independence. It is rare to find someone equipped with the organizational expertise and the emotional intelligence to work with adults and teens!



Do you want your student to learn effective ways to manage their school materials, time and homework tasks?


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