How it Works

Thomson Blueprints

We begin with a phone conversation (up to 30 minutes); a time to share your concerns, needs and desires. The scope of project and how Thomson Blueprints for Living can help is identified.


Next we meet for a one hour on-site initial evaluation. At this time a preliminary recommendation is provided which includes:


  • what issues you want to address

  • how we’re going to approach them

  • who will be involved in the process


We will then begin working together.

These may be one on one sessions or with a team of 2 or more organizers. Direction, focus, and support are provided, without judgment, throughout the de-cluttering process. YOU make all final decisions.


With the help of the TBFL team, you will learn organizing principals, create systems and establish routines. We will encourage and support your motivation, inspiration, and commitment to your new skills and behaviors.

How long a project will take depends on many factors that are hard to predict, such as:


  • your ability to make decisions

  • your ability to manage interruptions during our time together

  • your follow through on work between sessions


Thomson Blueprints

Thomson Blueprints for Living takes your confidentiality very seriously. Our work together will remain confidential and will not be shared with outside parties, unless required by law. As members of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, we are bound by its Codes of Ethics.


Communications with other interested parties: family, friends, therapist, psychiatrist will only take place upon written permission of client, unless required by law.

Here are the basics:
  • Sessions are billed by the hour (package rates are available)

  • All on-site work is booked with 3 hour minimums

  • Time over 3 hours is billed in 1/4 hour increments

  • Purchase of supplies are the responsibility of client

  • Payments for on-site sessions are made at end of session by check or cash. Payment for packaged services and phone coaching is to be made prior to the first session. Credit card payments will be invoiced through PayPal or you may send a check

  • Resources for donating and selling items will be provided as needed


Before we begin our work together, clients are asked to sign our Client Agreement.