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How it Works

Coaching is a collaborative conversation that can involve explorations about the challenges of ADHD such as addressing overwhelm, getting unstuck, creating systems & routines, establishing effective habits, planning and productivity, time management. In addition we can address behaviors that result in excessive clutter and difficulty letting go. Simply, anything the client wants to bring to the conversation to improve their management of life. 

Thomson Blueprints - Coaching

The client establishes the focus and the coach asks questions and offers observations to facilitate new perspectives, inspire client’s own answers and empower actions that are in concert with the client’s values, strengths, and goals.

The coach is not a therapist, does not give advice and is not the ‘expert’. In fact, the client is considered to be NCRW – Naturally Creative Resourceful and Whole – capable, not defective. Accountability plays an important role in the learning, which takes place in the review of the actions taken or not taken. Both coach and client practice curiosity rather than reproach, to open the door to better understanding of what enables success.

The client is asked to…

  • Make space for coaching ~ the time, energy and resources to commit to this endeavor

  • Be curious and willing to experiment

  • Be generous with oneself ~ send the inner critic on vacation

  • Don’t just show up for coaching sessions ~ show up throughout the week

  • Agree to establish a self-care routine (exercise, sleep, diet, etc.)

  • Embrace the process

  • Be willing to plan and review

The client can count on…

  • Being treated with respect

  • Being listened to

  • Being given the choice to accept or reject something

  • Being supported

  • Not being judged

  • Confidentiality being maintained

  • Being spoken to with care and concern

  • Humor and playfulness

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