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Clutter Clearing Support Group

Do you feel alone and stuck in a house full of clutter and don’t know how to begin clearing it out? Want to downsize and simplify? Here is a chance to find your path to de-cluttering & living a simplified, organic lifestyle. Participants learn causes of the clutter, methods to tackle it and adapt new behaviors to reinforce change. Each group member is asked to be a collaborative participant, engaging actively, respectfully and without judgment.

Topics Include:

  • Clearing Mental Clutter

  • Roadblocks and Limiting Beliefs

  • Impact of ADHD

  • Decision MakingSystems, Routines and Habits

  • Mindfulness and Recognizing the “How”

Thomson Blueprints - Clutter Clearing

I have enjoyed so much getting to know you and the others in the group. I love your style of leadership. As a former teacher, I recognize how much wisdom you show in letting others come to the insights they need without your telling them directly. But when you are more directive, it is wonderful too.

I learned so much from everyone. I know I made more progress because of the group than I would have without it.


Thomson Blueprints - Support Group
Feel alone in your struggle to reduce clutter?
Need help figuring a way out of your clutter?
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